PS3 FixHow to fix the YLOD myself

While having lot of time playing on my PS3 last week, I had the Yellow Light of death. How to fix the YLOD myself? First let me tell you that this is the worst thing that ever happened to me EVER, it was a present of one of my favorites uncles, and at this time, my PS3 is out of warranty, now I will have to pay the obscene amount of $200 USD of SONY´s repair fee (or at least that is what I tought).

How to fix the YLOD myself to see how others did it, and in general, you know, check out all available options, reputations, forums comments, blog posts etc, etc. I found a site on the web that had exactly what I was looking for, the way to fix the issue I had, I had a look t all the testimonials, and judging by those testimonial remarks,  tought I might as well give  a shot.