PS3 Error CodesPS3 Error Codes

Nothing is more frustrating than to be playing your favorite game and then you see on your screen one of the thousand PS3 Error codes of the PS3.

But what happened?, what caused it? Why did it happen at the most inopportune moment? Now how I fix it?, Well, the first thing to do is identify the code error, and based on the number we know what is causing it, well, at least in most of the time, as there are plenty of unknown errors.

PS3 Error codes can be classified in several categories:

DNS Errors
Connexion Errors
Network Errors
Copying Errors
Hard Drive Errors
Blu ray Errors
Firmware Errors
Hardware Errors

Therefore, we attach here a small list of PS3 Error codes, At least The most common ones, they are not all of SONY PS3 Error Codes but it will help

PS3 Error Codes

0710102 –This is a DNS Server error due to No DSN server available.
8013030 – System Error: This can happen when an update download fails .
80010001 – Major Error , Game ability stopped.
80010006 – An error occurred during the start operation: This particular error occurs when a corrupted folding installs.
80010007 – An error occurred during the start operation: This could happen during disc swap tests.
8001000B – this is a very common wireless connection PS3 error codes.
80010017 – Too bad, you won´t play today because the PS3 Can’t start your favorite BlueRay Game.
8001050B – In his case your PS3 will not play any demo game on the hard drive (this error occurs when blue-ray disc is inserted) – the cause of this error is unknown.
8001050D – This error occurs when you swap cds during a game and use the eject function and press play button quickly, this error is called: Start Operation Error.
8001050F – When this error happens, your ps3 won´t be available to update its firmware or connect to the internet, is a Hardware failure error.
80010510 – Once again, this other error won´t allow you to play any game installed on your hard drive, (Too bad for you).
80010514 – This may be a blu ray reading CD problem .
80010516 – This is also a Start Operation Error , is the same as the 8001050D error , and is caused when you swap CD´s during the game and press eject/and/Press Play button again quickly.

This are Just a Few of the most common PS3 Error Codes

PS3 Error Codes Repair Guide

As we can see, the PS3 Error codes are many, in fact too many, but most of them can be fixed in a very simple way, plug-in some wires, tweaking your ps3 options, resetting your ps3, or restarting the system.

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