PS3 Flashing LightsPS3 Flashing Red Light

The first time I had the ps3 flashing red light i was playing FIFA, I turn off the PS3 and the red light started flashing, I try to turn it on several times but I couldn’t, I only hear the 3 beeps.

What is happening? Why does this occur?

This problem has happened to thousands of people around the world with the ps3 consoles, in fact it is one of the most common problems in the PS3 consoles, but what causes it?

What Causes The Flashing Red Light on the PS3

There are several reasons for the PS3 Flashing Red Light:

-The most common is the console overheating, many people play for many hours without rest and causes the overheating of the console.

-The console is dirty, has much dust inside and makes some parts malfunction, dust and humidity as well as extreme temperatures are bad friends of your PS3.

-The PS3 fan is broken, and cannot therefore well regulate the temperature of the console, therefore the console shows this error to prevent a possible overheating, in this case you have to repair your console by changing the fan.

-The console is in a place that has not good ventilation, and the temperature rises every time you’re playing causing the PS3 Flashing Red Light. You have to put your console in a well ventilated place, with much airflow so you might have an appropriate temperature avoiding the overheating.

-A problem with the Blu-ray, which in many cases is a problem with the PCB of the Blu-ray drive.

On many occasions this problem is only the beginning of another even greater, the infamous and so feared Yellow Light Of Death, of which many have been able to escape thanks to guides to repair the Flashing Red Light, which is nothing more than the lights red and green flashing together at the same time producing so yellow lights.

How to repair my PS3 Flashing Red Light problem

This problem in some occasions can be arranged by just resetting the console, or by pressing the buttons of the PS3 for a few seconds, there are people who say that it fixed itself only by shutting it down for a few hours and put it back on again.

However, in the majority of cases, to repair a console PS3, as well as to repair a laptop, or a refrigerator or a car, what you need is to know how, (of course you can send it to SONY but you will be charged more than $150 USD and it will take something like 6-8 weeks and they´ll sure send you a “new” refurbished console), but if you want to repair your console PS3 need to know how
The problem is that the internet is full of forums and pages where everybody gives their opinion and the truth is that you don’t know if the information which you are getting is correct or not, so the best option that you have to repair your ps3 flashing red light problem is with a professional guide to repair your PS3, a guide step by step made by an expert with tons of videos, photos, docs, pdf´s, 100% satisfaction guarantee, 24/7/365 support, is a very big advantage having a guide to repair your ps3, since a single error code may be due to several causes.

That’s why you find someone who said at a forum in internet:” I had the error number. “XXXXXXXXXX, and I did this or that and it worked just great”, but then another responds: “hey, I had the same error and I did the same as you and It didn´t work”,
Of course it didn´t work, because even though it was the same error code, what was causing it was very different.

And it seems that on the internet all the errors and problems on the PS3 can be fixed just by wrapping your PS3 in a towel and leave it there until it almost melts, but what many people don´t say is that in the end the problem was not fixed at all, instead, they caused more damage to the console that it already had.

For this reason, the most recommended is a good professional guide, recommended by experts, where you can learn how to fix your ps3 flashing red light but also you can learn how to fix most common errors in the consoles of your friends, errors such as:
-3 Beeps
-The FRL
-Blu-ray Issues
-Hard Drive Issues
-You will learn to use your console to see hundreds of cable channels for FREE, LEGALLY
-80 + Other Common PS3 Problems.

All this in one package, you can download this guide to fix the ps3 flashing red light and other 80 + PS3 common errors instantly, and in less than an hour you can be playing your PS3 again, you will never feel the fear of error codes of the consoles PS3, instead you will feel the power of knowing what causes each error and how to fix it.

Why don´t you take a look at the video on the page of this guide, you can even sneak around and see a part of the repairing guide, so you can see more information on how to repair your ps3 flashing red light