PS3 Freezing IssuesPS3 Freezing

PS3 Freezing can occur for many reasons, it has happened to many people that when they are playing their favorite game, suddenly the screen freezes and they cannot continue playing, some say that this problem is a prior to the YLOD problem, others say that it is a problem of cables, and many say that it is a problem with the PS3 system erorrs.

The error codes for the PS3 Freezing may vary, there are records of a varied range of error codes for this problem, that is why many say the problem can be due to the cables, or hardware, sometimes just the disc is damaged and is just a disk read error, but may also be due to severe damage to the mother board or the hard drive disk.

These are some of the moments in which the PS3 Freezing problems occur and also other related problems:

PS3 Freezing Problems

During game play
While on line
After login
After update
At login
At start screen
After restoring
At xmb
After 4.46 updates
Constantly during game play or movies
Corrupted message while playing
Crashing after freezing
During system update
Every few seconds
Hard drive freezing
By overheating
On Internet browser
When quitting the game

PS3 Freezing Causes

And these are some of the possible causes:

The system essentially tries to take too much data from the HDD at once than it can handle, so it freezes.

It may be some mini corrupted data files on the system, causing the console to freeze.

If the console, HDD or CD/BRD has much dust, this can cause ps3 freezing

There are several games well known to have issues with freezing on the PS3, so it might just be your Cd. Try another.

When you change the hard drive or remove it and not put it back again well, this can cause a freeze on your console.

The overheating of your console can cause freezing (ironic huh!), all you have to do is to wait for a while until it gets cool again, and place the PS3 in a well-ventilated place.

Many different types of damage on your hard disk can cause your console freezes

Something that can help you to know what is causing your PS3 Freezing error is the error code you get, so you need an error code guide to know this.

Perhaps the only thing you need is to restart your console, or remove and put back the hard drive.

Other times you will need to change your hard disk, do a reset of all settings and wait to see what happens.

Etc, etc, etc.…

How to Fix PS3 Freezing

Once you have identified which really is the cause of your PS3 freezing problem, now we have to fix it, how can you do this?

Well, if your problem is as simple as plug out and plug in back again your hard drive or disconnect some wires and reconnect them back again, as it is not much. But if your problem is due to a hardware error for over heating, or by an error from your damaged hard drive, then you will need the professional advice of an expert.

Sony charges you about $150+ USD, (+ 4-8 weeks), and anywhere else they charge you $120 + for repairing your PS3 with NO WARRANTY AT ALL !!!, so…