Many people are asking me how to do a PS3 Maintenance, we are not talking about the SONY´s network maintenance, but a PS3 Maintenance, this can eventually prevent many of the PS3 most common issues, so to do this you must open your ps3 (to do this, your warranty must have expired).

What to do on a PS3 maintenance

There are several factors when you are thinking of doing this, and several things you must check, also there are several house tools you will have to prepare to effectuate this, for example:

  • Isoprophilic alcohol (you can find this at any Radio-shack or electronic parts shop, or even home depot)
  • Cotton swabs (find this ANYWHERE)
  • Soft and dry cloth (find this at home, don´t use your mom´s dress or something like that)
  • Gas duster (canned air or compressed air, you can find this at any Radio-shack or electronic parts shop, or even home depot)
  • Some small Screw Drivers (you can find this at your own home or with some of your friends)
  • Some Special Grease for the CD ROM (you can find this at any Radio-shack or electronic parts shop)
  • Industrial Duct Tape (Not that Cheap Chinese 4 for a dollar brown tape, find a good one at home depot)
  • Recipient to put all small parts

Things to check on a regular PS3 Maintenance

  • All PS3 Controls
  • All Cables (This means All)
  • CD ROM
  • Motherboard

Ok, Now that we kind of have the list of things to check on a regular PS3 Maintenance routine what´s next?

First of all we will check all cables, in specially the part where they bend, because they can start to break, if so, what you can do is to tape it with an industrial duct tape in that part so they cannot move anymore, and try to put them in a position that they don´t be bent anymore.

If a cable is kind of broken or starting to break, then you will have to replace it for another in a better condition or maybe a new one.

Once all cables are checked, next to do is check all of your PS3 controls, for this you will have to check for grime, dust or dirt all around, you can clean this easily with the cotton swabs and a very little of alcohol (Isoprophilic, DO NOT use a regular alcohol), clean well all dust, grime, food or dirt that the controls have, this will prevent all buttons from getting stuck, you can do this once a month if you wish, or as soon as it gets dirty again.

Now is time to PS3 Maintenance, and we are talking about the console itself, to do this you will have to remove all small screws of the console and open it, if you don´t know how to do this, maybe a Professional PS3 Maintenance Guide will help you do this Step-by Step and avoid any collateral issues.

So, once the console is opened, the first thing you have to do is to touch any metal thing, yes touch anything in metal (NOT INSIDE OF THE CONSOLE) this will take care of the static electricity you may have on your body or clothes (do this also with the paint brush), and start brushing all dust EXCEPT for the part where the thermal paste is, in this first part is the canned air to air all the inside of the console, then use the brush.

Is well known that many of the PS3 Yellow Lights, Hardware Errors, Beeping Issues, are because of the dust inside of the console, so this will prevent many of these problems.

Then is time to check the CD ROM, first of all and before you check the CD ROM you must have checked if it do some weird or rare things, like stop on opening, make some strange noises, delay on open/close ( DO NOT TURN ON THE CONSOLE WHILE IS OPEN, THIS MAY RESULT IN SEVERE INJURIES, WARNING: ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD).

So if the CD ROM present one or more about this problem, then open the CD ROM, remove all the grease or paste it may have with the cotton swabs and put some new paste or grease (DO NOT USE SHOE GREASE, OR HAIR GREASE OR ANY OTHER GREASE THAT IT MIGHT COME TO YOUR MIND) Use the special CD ROM grease you already bought for this purpose.

Once you have done this just put back all pieces in their respective place, and screw all screws you unscrew before and voila, you just finish your PS3 Maintenance.