Don´t you get mad when you want to play your favorite game and you get a PS3 Not Reading Discs error?
Well, you are not the only one, it happens to many people around the world, since the ps3 is getting all kinds of errors, you will eventually stumble upon by one or another. But what causes a PS3 not to read a disc?


There are several causes of which a ps3 won´t be able to read a disc, here are some of them

  • The disc is dirty
  • The disc is scratched
  • The disc is already broken
  • The data in the disc are corrupt
  • The laser is broken
  • Some mechanism of the CDROM is broken or failing
  • Some CDROM cable is not plugged in correctly (since you may disable the console and unplug the CDROM and not plugged back in correctly)
  • A buggy firmware update
  • A large ETC…..

How to fix the PS3 NOT READING DISCS

Most cases solving this problem is easy, here are some possible solutions:

  • If the disc is dirty, you can clean it with a soft cloth, try not to handle it with dirty hands, especially greasy hands, that kills the laser also, instead try to handle it by the hole in the middle, that way is safer
  • If the disc is scratched, then you can always repair it, there are some cd repairing home kits, you put some drops of a special liquid and clean it with a cloth and usually that will solve the problem, if the disc is not too scratched
  • If the disk is kind of broken, then usually there is nothing you can do about it, go buy a new one (sorry, and please do not try to stick it back together with glue or something, believe me, it won´t work at all and in can damage your console)
  • In case you CD is a copy, then the data may be corrupted, if so, again, there is nothing you can do about it, except that you can make another copy of the same game or video, other way you will keep having the PS3 NOT READING DISCS issue
  • If the laser is broken, there is a simple way to repair it; I’ll tell you how doing it a few lines down
  • If some mechanism of the CDROM is broken that means your CD is broken, in most cases you will have to replace it with a new or a used one, again, I will tell you how to easily do this a few lines down.
  • If the problem is that the CDROM is not well plugged in, then just open your console again and plug it in correctly.


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