Many people are complaining about the increasingly more common ps3 ylod, this situation is also increasingly giving more for various reasons and not just due to the overheating of the console, this can be because of several reasons:

  • Much dust inside of the console Malfunction on the motherboard
  • Sometimes the cables cause this error when they are not well plugged in
  • Or also when any component has been damaged you can have the PS3 ylod

How to fix the PS3 YLOD?

First you should know what is causing the problem, here we present 3 possible causes and therefor, possible solutions:

1. -If the problem is that the console is overheating then only you have put it in a well ventilated place, or if you have been playing for many hours, then power it off and wait until is cool again and power it back on, if the problem persists, then:

2. -Unplug all cables (first power of the console) and plug them back on, this simple step has solved many cases of ps3 ylod.

3. – If your ps3 ylod persists, then try to reset your console using the following steps:
First be sure to backup all your data if you can, because you are about to lose all the info stored in it.

  1. Turn off your PS3 from the switch that is in the back, wait for 20 seconds and turn it on again.
  2. Hold press the button on the front of your console until you hear 3 beeps.
  3. In the initial setup choose to full format from System / Format, this is going to take SO much time, about 3 ½ hours, but there are people who said that it had taken them up to 7 hours! So you will need to be very patient, make sure you have the AV cables on hand in case you need the HDMI
  4. If you did the backup, then use it to have your ps3 as well as before that reformat