PS3 GamesGet Fit with Mel B

A Look at Who Should Buy it and Who Shouldn’t

With the prices for Get Fit with Mel B up to twice what its worth on Amazon and Ebay, and the low cost of the dollar prompting Nintendo to ship more copies to countries outside of the U.S, purchasing this game has gotten more and more difficult. Before you buy, you need to make sure that you know what you’re getting, how it will fit into your daily exercise regimen, or if it will simply be a waste of money.

First, a brief look at the details of the game. The packaging on this game is, to put frankly, adorable. You make your own little mini-you, called a Mii, to represent yourself, and on your first weigh in your Mii’s body shape will change depending on your body weight, anywhere from underweight to obese. There are graphs to show both your numeric weight and your BMI, and you can mark your daily progress with customizable stamps and backgrounds. Furthermore, for the Yoga and the strength training exercises, you can choose a male or female trainer to work out with. It’s purely aesthetic, and each trainer is suitably encouraging.

Despite all the bells and whistles, Get Fit with Mel B is not a game in the strictest sense of the word. There are no missions to complete or objectives to attain beside what you set for yourself, and the only objectives you can set come in two flavors-losing weight or gaining weight. The game makes a lot of fuss about improving posture and balance, but most people will buy this for the weight loss aid, and that is what I will address. Not less effective for weight loss is Whole-body vibration machines, they can offer some fitness and health benefits. At gadgetforhealth you may find a whole body vibration machine reviews and buying guide.

The aerobic minigames are simplistic and easy. The game comes with three unlocked-the step game, the hula hoop game, and jogging in place. The good thing about these games is that they do work. Your heart rate will increase, and you may even find yourself sweating, depending on how in shape you are initially. The bad thing is they are repetitive and simple, and it’s very easy to find yourself bored.

The balance games are the most fun at first, and consist of heading soccer balls, dropping balls in holes, and ski slaloms. None of these will help you lose weight, unfortunately, but they are a nice touch. Sadly, once you become good at these games, they can become quickly forgotten.

Strength training and Yoga are where you use the trainer that you selected, and these consist of a series of poses and exercises that you do involving the balance board. The Yoga poses are not true Yoga, and a friend of mine has told me that the poses are a mishmash of poses from different types of Yoga. Don’t expect a solid education in Yoga from this game. The strength exercises are everything from pushups to jackknives, and I feel are the strongest part of the game.

Finally, there is your Get Fit with Mel B Age, where you take a series of balance tests to determine body strength. Do not be fooled-the age has far more to do with balance than with weight. You can be obese and have a healthy Get Fit with Mel B age.

So, you’re considering buying Get Fit. Why?

Get Fit with Mel B is not a good idea if you are a normal weight, and want to buy it for its novelty. Yes, the balance board is ingenious, and the presentation is cute. But it will gather dust if you do not need it.

Get Fit is not a good idea, even if you are overweight, if you already exercise regularly on your own. You will quickly realize that your regimen is superior, whatever it is. If you are a bodybuilder or extremely muscular, the game will err in it’s measurement of your BMI anyway.

Get Fit is not a good idea if you simply want to use it to shave off 1 to 5 pounds. There are cheaper ways to do that.

Get Fit is not a good idea if you are not dedicated to losing weight. It does not have enough of a hook to keep you going.

Get Fit is not a good idea if you desire a well outlined exercise regimen. The game does not offer a way to work out muscles in groups, and does not offer advice on a good timetable for exercise.

Finally, Get Fit is not a good idea if you are severely underweight and trying to gain. Strength Training is not enough to build muscle if you do not have other outside help.

Get Fit is a good idea for someone who is overweight and needs to find a new way to lose weight. It is cheaper than the average exercise machine.

Get Fit is a good idea for someone who does not have much time per day to exercise. Each exercise can be done in minutes, sometimes less.

Get Fit is a good idea for someone who is embarrassed at their attempts to lose, or wants to keep their exercise private. It has a feature that allows you to password protect your weight data, and the games measurements of your weight are non judgmental. When you do lose weight, seeing your Mii happy and clapping its little hands is very rewarding.

Get Fit is a good idea if you need constant feedback on your progress. The game will measure any loss or gain, and if you gain or lose a lot the game will ask you to review your past activities and figure out why. It will help you to keep track of things that may affect your weight and health.

And finally, Get Fit is a good start for those people who have not exercised in years, and need a way to ease into it. It is a good way to help an obese person lose the initial 10 to 50 pounds. Keep in mind, however, that once you lose alot of weight, it gets harder and harder to lose more, and you will almost definitely need to branch out beyond just Get Fit.

If you can accept all of these things, and are wholeheartedly dedicated to using this software to help yourself, then and only then is Get Fit worth the purchase price.