Yellow Light of DeathYellow Light Of Death

One of the most common problems in the PS3 game console is the infamous YLOD or Yellow Light of Death, Everyone knows that this problem is very common on PS3 consoles and they seek how to fix it, but many people don´t know that this problem is not always due to overheating of the console, but that may be due to other causes, for example:

  • The thermal paste that comes from the SONY factory with the console is of very poor quality, so it fails to maintain an optimum temperature causing overheating.
  • The power supply is broken, so the console detects this failure as an error on the mother board and sends you the same error.
  • The worst of all cases is when in fact your mother board is fried, in this case can be recovered by a reballing, no homemade tools to do this, and the reballing machine is very expensive, even send to them to do so is really expensive (70-120 $USD).

These are just a few causes of the Yellow Light of Death problem, but it´s generally due to a mother´s board malfunction.

Some people have told me that just 1 or 2 days just after unpacked their PS3 they got the so feared Yellow Light of Death, others have told me that it has happened after a firmware update, and the more common, which is the overheated by playing or watching movies for several hours (Marathon), and in other cases because the console has not been in a well ventilated place.

It doesn´t really matter what the main cause of the Yellow Light of Death is, it causes on people different reactions,

  • There are those who sell it to use the parts.
  • Others buy another new or used console ($400 USD)
  • Others send it to SONY for a repair (we´re talking about $ 150+ USD, and 6-8 weeks )
  • There are those who just throw away the console.
  • And there are those others seeking online “trustful” information in forums and blogs about how to repair their ps3 by overheating it even more to “repair” it !!! Can you believe this?, Only in some occasions this could work, and if it works, it will only for a couple days, because the Yellow Light of Death will return, and in the end, all they really do is causing severe damage to other components of the console causing more harm than it already had and will ultimately no longer work, and at the end, being completely useless.

Yellow Light of Death: How to solve it?

The best solution without a doubt, the fastest, cheapest and most effective way is buying a Repairing Guide from a PS3 repairing expert , there are so many free fake guides on the Internet, with many disadvantages, for example:

  • They are not complete.
  • You don´t even have an idea of who wrote it
  • They are very difficult to follow.
  • They can be dangerous since electronic devices often have parts that have electricity and they don´t cover this problem.
  • You have no one to help you if you get stuck or don´t understand a step.
  • They don’t give you any guarantee.
  • You Don´t have any kind of customer support.
  • You cannot communicate with anyone if you don’t understand something or if something goes wrong.
  • At the end your console will be worse.

So, What is my best Option?

The best option is to buy a professional Yellow Light of Death repairing guide, the guidance of an expert over your shoulder telling you what to do step by step, with lots of photos, videos and PDF´s about how to fix it, and if you get stuck in a step, or don’t understand a step or you are having a bad time repairing your PS3, you just send an email and you´ll get a quick response, often within minutes, buying a professional repairing guide to repair your PS3 has many advantages:

  • They are not expensive.
  • You will have it in your hands in just 1 minute after making your payment, since you download it.
  • You don’t have to take a risk searching the Internet with free fake “solutions” that they are not going to solve your problem
  • As they are experts, they help you to repair your PS3 using simple tools that you have at home
  • You get a complete guide on how to fix your problem in a fast and easy way
  • You can repair your console in less than 2 hours
  • You have customer support 24/7
  • If you don’t understand something you can get in touch with them to ask questions
  • These guides have lots of videos, photos and PDF´s of step-by-step how to repair your ps3
  • If you re not satisfied you have a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked
  • They help you to repair over 80 different errors on your PS3 including of course the Yellow Light of Death
  • They include bonuses for example, how to use your PS3 to see many free TV channels.
  • PS3 error codes report
  • Extra Bonuses
  • Etc…Etc…

So don’t take the risk, I know a guy that he completely ruined his PS3 using a “free” Guide he “found” on an Internet forum, he tried to fix the yellow light of death, when he only needed to restart it. Ignorance is expensive, by not purchasing an expert PS3 repair guide he lost his console.